GAOP3 "Deadalian" album demo (selected tracks)

by Graves And Orchestra Pits

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released September 18, 2016

2 selected tracks from our third album titled "Deadalian".

GRAVES AND ORCHESTRA PITS was, is and will always be Yoshihiro Kikuchi and Daniel Vujanic. Now and forever. The power of a dual autopoietic entity imposed upon accidental a(n)esthetic concepts like culture/subculture, form/freedom, organic/electronic in a world of total, indifferent and mindless consumption. The duo is simply not interested in dealing with tautological frameworks, labyrinths of nostalgia or self-indulgent repetition. Instead GAOP have their share in an ancient mantra called „destruction is creation is destruction is creation“. They have their own unmistakable pulse. No, it´s certainly not mechanical. This „doorganism“ is alive. And somehow it feeds on a higher state of perception.
Time is a flexible concept. In their four hands it´s a whip. Drums, guitars, electronics and synths are bleeding points, lines, edges, triangles and circles into crass and subtle engrams of emotionalized information. A moment is a moment revealing itself in another moment. Some might even call that music. Yes – MUSIC. Music like a fool´s hypnotic errand into hell and back. Sounding like the doom infested ambience of black electronic rock ´n ´sludge ADHD psychedelia. There it was. Grains of popular culture. Again. It almost unveiled itself.
But - words have no meaning,“they can only do harm“ someone famous sang. Words always refer to different contexts and amplify confusion. As a matter of fact the Book Of GAOP (BOG) starts with: „In the beginning there was a sound...“. And it continues:
“There is no such thing as genre. There is no need for style. There´s no audience, no fashionable band/project to be associated with like some kind of tragic echo of the sepia tinted past. There´s just a certain VISION. A vision is the consequence of a choice.“
Well, that´s certainly neither history nor the ephemeral content of the mind-numbing hipster machinery of distinction. Everything has already been sold. Period. You can move on now.
This duo is hailing from Japan/Germany and is going to release the albums „Deadalian“ and „Schattenhaus“ soon. Meanwhile you can listen to their astonishing debut album „GRAVES AND ORCHESTRA PITS“ (Utech Records).

Conrad Karma, September 2016



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Graves And Orchestra Pits Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Graves and Orchestra Pits is a transcontinental duo by a composer Daniel Vujanic and a drummer and additional electronics player Yoshihiro Kikuchi, which utilizing guitars/electronics/drums in order to create an ecstatic and unique sound mixing raw power with modern composition, subtle electroacousic alchemy and sonic maximalism. In this album, some guest players contributed. ... more

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